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Monday, March 2, 2009

The 24th Himalaya- Karakorum-Tibet Workshop

About the Joint Conference
Under the auspices of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the 5th International Symposium on Tibetan Plateau Research will be held together and simultaneously with the 24th Himalaya-Karakorum-Tibet Workshop (HKT) on August 11 to 14, 2009. Since the successful 4th International Symposium on Tibetan Plateau Research in Lhasa, the Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research has gained wide support in running national programs for basic research and resource surveys, achieving noticeable progress in fundamental studies as well as practical applications. Hosting the 5th International Symposium will thus provide a platform for international scientific staff to share research achievements and academic thoughts on study of the Tibetan Plateau.During the 23rd HKT in India the decision was made to hold the 24th Himalaya-Karakorum-Tibet Workshop in 2009 in China, and this decision has been approved by the Chinese Academy of Science. These two meetings will be held jointly in Beijing on August 11-14, 2009 with the goal of enhancing multidisciplinary scientific studies, promoting international cooperation and enhancing information exchange related to academic research on the Tibetan Plateau. Some invited keynote talks from
international scholars will be given at this joint conference.

Main Topics:
This joint conference will focus on uplift of the Tibetan Plateau(including Himalaya and Karakorum ranges), its environmental evolution and the sustainable development of the region. It will include the following topics:
1) Lithosphere geodynamics and continent-continent collision of the Plateau
2) Geological evolution and mineral resource development on the Plateau
3) Uplift of the Plateau and its environmental evolution
4)Climatic and environmental changes on the Plateau and their mechanisms
5) Responses and influences of land surface processes on the Plateau to global changes
6)Resources, environment and social-economic development in the Plateau region

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Nice website for Photos of Himalaya and around

Please follow the website of Steve Razzetti.Steve traveled most of the Himalayan places.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Trip to Graz, Austria

I just back from 4 days trip in Leitring/Steiermark, Austria after taking part on a seminar “Alternative Technology and Renewable Resources for a sustainable Development” from 25.02.2009 to 28.02.2009. It was so informative seminar about how to use the limited resources in changing world. That seminar was organized by Afro-Asian Institute Graz Afro-Asian Institute Salzburg, Afro- Asian Institute Vienna, Austrian Latin America Institute. OeAD-GmbH and Austrian Association for the Middle East. Scholar from more than 28 countries took part in that conference. We visited the Graz city on the second last day of our conference. Graz is the capital city of Steiermark and second biggest city in Austria. It was the very important city in 19th century for the trade. The representative of the city council gave us reception party and AAI Graz also gave party at in the evening. I was so happy that because I met lots of scholars around the world. I gained lots of knowledge specially about Africa.

Information is available on this website.

A Trip to Graz, Austria